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Azteca De Oro is the recognized North American leader in wholesale used tire market, stocking at least 15,000 to 20,000 tires in our central distribution warehouse.  Each and every tire is individually inspected to meet our quality requirements and classifications for tread and overall condition.  We stock and distribute all sizes of tires worldwide, through our extensive international network of partner companies specializing in transportation and shipping-container logistics.


Our commitment to help improve the environment does not begin and end with just recycling used tires.  We work diligently to ensure no available truck, trailer, van or container is being moved “empty” by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and motivated, well trained, passionate employees and partners.  Further, we have incorporated efficient and environmentally freiendly policies and procedures that all of our employees follow every day.

For example, rather than mailing or faxing documents, we try to use e-mail so we don’t unnecessarily use more paper and other resources whenever we can; we work with our vendors, partners, and other companies to help ensure the transportation vehicles and containers we use are always as full as possible whenever they are being moved; we utilize modern dispatch and scheduling techniques to reduce unnecessary miles and costs while maximizing the utilization of our transportation assets.


All of the environmentally friendly efforts help to reduce and keep our operating costs low which then helps us be stronger and more competitive in the marketplace.


Our dedicated employees and our business model coupled with our quality control standards, have allowed us to benefit from the evolving opportunities of today’s consumer and wholesale used tire markets and achieve success for over 27 years.  We are firmly committed to continue bringing you what you have grown to expect from Azteca De Oro wholesale used tire, fast dependable service and always the most competitive pricing possible.


CONTACT US today for a competitive quote and enjoy the Azteca De Oro wholesale used tire customer experience.

Scrap Tires - To be Shredded or Recycled

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