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Azteca De Oro offers both Retail and Wholesale Tire Sales

Retail Tire Sales – Primarily, we offer our retail products to individuals and families located in the United Stated, Mexico and Canada.  However, if we have some scares, hard to find tires that someone needs for the car or truck, we are happy to arrange shipping to anywhere in the world.  Please let us know what you’re looking for, regardless, if what you need is the most common passenger car tiers in the popular sizes or if they are the specialty type of tires used on hi-performance sports cars, customized 4-wheeler pickup trucks or off-road vehicles.  If we don’t have the specific size and/or type of tires you are looking for in our current inventory, we can usually find what you need very quickly.  Please talk with us!


You can submit your contact information and specifically what make, quantity, size and quality of tires you are looking for by clicking HERE!


Wholesale Tire Sales – We offer and can supply most any tire dealer worldwide, with a vast array of high quality, new, nearly new and used tires.  Wholesale tire orders start with a minimum quantity as low as 100 tires.  And there is really no upper limit to the quantity of tires that we can supply on an ongoing basis.

Unlike other user tire suppliers, we have an extremely large number of sources scattered around the country that we are doing business with on an everyday basis which gives us a consistent, large volume supply of high quality tires.  It is because our sources are located all over the country, in the major metropolitan areas, that gives us the ability to offer almost any type, size or make of tires in large quantities to our Wholesale customers.


If you are a tire dealer or a vehicle dealer who also offers tire services, we would like to show you how well we can satisfy your requirements when you’re ready to place your next bulk tire purchase.  Please CLICK HERE to place your next wholesale tire order by completing our on-line wholesale tire order form.


Please CONTACT US if you have any questions about placing your next order with us.


We stand ready to serve you, may we?

Used Tires - Ready for Inspection

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